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Never Worry When Purchasing From GO Palms

With weekly deliveries from our farm in South Florida, we are able to provide our customers with the absolute top quality palms and plants!  Always fresh, and always the best quality!


*Ask About Our First Responder’s Discount*

Here at GO Palms we appreciate the steadfast dedication, the continuous bravery and selfless acts that all of our first responders do in order to make our lives and country what it is. For that, a thank you from us all. We offer a 10% discount to ALL first responders, active OR retired.


                                                                                                                                                      WE’RE NOT JUST PALMS!

Fruit Plants

In addition to palms and exotic plants we also carry top quality fruit trees and bushes. Click to learn what we have in stock!

Exotic Species

GO Palms also carries a wide array of exotic plants which we source from our third party farm in Southern Florida. These exotics are grown by some of the most revered farmers in the United States, and their reputation speaks for itself. Click to learn more about our exotic plants, and our third party farm!

Individual Design

We specialize in turning your current yard into the paradise of your dreams! GO Palms will provide a free quote and a diligently thought of plan to transform that yard of yours into tranquil oasis. Let us show you your yard’s potential!

High Quality

Our plants are sourced from the most respected third party farm in the United States. Our quality is above the rest.

Smart Planning

Looking to do a corporate venue or event? GO Palms has you covered! GO Palms will help guide you through the process of smart planning to ensure even the biggest of jobs go smoothly. With our team we will draft a precise plan with your budget and needs, and execute swiftly and accordingly.

Pro Service

Here at GO Palms we pride ourselves in maintaining a professional and respected service. From the moment we source our plants, to the moment they are delivered safely and securely to your location, we ensure professional measures above and beyond the industry standard.

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Covering All The Bases










We have you covered! From start to finish!

From the very moment you order is placed with us, hands on, attentive care, is taken to ensure a successful process. Our team travels down to our third party farm in Florida, hand picks each and every plant, and then proceeds to meticulously package the hand selected plants in our trailers. With an organized and particular system allowing proper drainage, moisture retention and protection from natural elements we ensure our plants arrive in New York the same way they left Florida. Once in New York GO Palms begins to prepare for delivery. Whether you are a business, venue, building complex, or those simply looking to turn their yards into a paradise, we take delivery very serious. We are there every step of the way, and that includes making sure your plants get to their new home safe, vibrant and healthy.